January 28, 2016


What kind of events Cortes Events book? 

Any kind! From weddings and bar mitzvahs to reunions and corporate parties, we'll help you rock the booth at any event!


How does Cortes booth work? 

It's simple! Step inside, touch the screen, and follow the instructions! The booth will show a live video preview and a countdown prior to each photo so you can strike the perfect pose. Meanwhile, the side monitor displays each photo outside the booth as they are taken, so that everyone can get in on the fun. The booth will automatically take 4 photos, and voila!....about 30 seconds later your print is ready!


Will my guests have to pay to use the  Cortes booth? 

Absolutely not! Our rental fee covers full operation of the booth for the duration of your rental time. All your guests have to do is enjoy the fun!


How big is Cortes booth? 

Our booth measures about 3'x7', and is 6'7" tall. It comfortably fits anywhere from 1-10 people, with potential to squeeze in a...

December 21, 2015



5 Years Old 

Invites sent out 

Friends on their way......



Your favorite 

costume to brighten

your DAY....



Fun and excitement

all the day through,

all this and more is 

wished just for you!




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