Meet Corte's Mini- Schnauzers


Welcome to our website!  We are a family that has been owned by Miniature Schnauzers for 8+ years! We are a family that loves this breed of dog and thought we would give breeding a try.  We started in 2008 and are still learning.  We are not big time breeders!  We have Miniature Schnauzers that are our pets, live in our house,  and thought we would share our love for this wonderful breed of animal! 


Therefore, our 4 schnauzers are our pets, first and foremost.  They are loved and interacted with constantly.   They receive plenty of exercise and are active.  We have two dogs that are talkers.  We do not have yippy schnauzers.  They bark to alert us if someone is coming down the drive or if something is wrong. They are excellent watch dogs for us!  We have raised them around our kids, they are protective of us all! 


We are not a mass production breeder.  We know the quality of dogs we own and want to share that with others.  Our dogs are extremely healthy and have not had and currently do not have any health problems.   We do not have litters year round.  We retired 1 our breeding female April 2015. Her name is PRINCESS we love her so much she gave us 3 times puppies,  We are currently raising 2 females for breeding, one will be old enough to breed Next Year, the second will  old enough in 2016 and the third will be old enough to breed in 2017.  We will have one litter per year per female when they are of age. 


Our puppies are raised in our living room.  They are whelped there and live there until they go to their forever homes at 8+ weeks of age.  Therefore, our babies are handled, socialized and played with on a daily basis.  We work on basic house training as well.  We want our puppies and their new humans to be an extremely happy family! 


We want our puppies to have only the BEST humans!