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Welcome to Cortes Special Events Photo Booth'S

What matters to you when you’re planning the most fabulous event of your life that will leave your guests talking for months, maybe years?  Details, obviously. The dress (let’s be honest, this is probably the most important), the music (is the electric slide overdone?), the food (candy buffet…yes, please). Face it: nothing should go unplanned. The same goes for fun. How do you make sure everyone from the flower girl to your Great Uncle is letting loose and enjoying your night with you? Plan the fun with Cortes's Photo Booth and give yourself peace of mind. We are a memory maker, picture taker, and party favor all in one! Unlike our competition, which only provides you with a basic background, you can choose from our open Photo Booth with all our collations  Backdrops to provide our clients with a customizable experience.

Customized just for you and your night, this is how we can help you make the booth your own:

*Party favor print-outs in full color or black & white to immortalize your night for you and your guests within seconds

* Your choice of an open-air booth or upgrade to an enclosed booth depending on the vibe you want to create

* Choice of upgrading to new, social media-integrated technology so your guests can like, tweet, share, and link your big day all over the internet

*Every Cortes's Photo Booth experience comes with a passionate industry expert (NOT an hourly photo booth operator) that cares about making you feel magnificent while creating a seamless, unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We guarantee smiles, belly laughs, memorable shenanigans!

So, let your hair down (metaphorically speaking, of course; we don’t want you to ruin your updo), hop in the booth with your guests, and get ready for some epic, crazy-faced poses and priceless photobombs.

If you’re still not convinced that Cortes's Photo Booth is the only photo booth of its kind, head over to Gallery Albums see what makes us so different.

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